Xich Lo currently consists of two different kitchens.

A restaurant section and a tapas section.

The restaurant holds about 90 seats where we serve À la carte and Tasting menu.

(For reservations for 6 persons or more, we only offer our taste menu.)??

(Dette skal vel også informeres om ved booking.)


The Foodbar and wine bar are open for drop-in. We serve Asian snacks from the food bar, but it will also be a possible to order à la Carte from the Restaurant, if we have the capasity to do it.

Chambre Separée

In the Restaurant we have two Chambre Separée for different occasions. For birthday parties, weddings or business dinner with the option of screen connection, it is possible to book your own room.

Our Chambre Separée holds 12-16 seats or 16-20 seats. Larger parties can be arranged in the Restaurant.

Please write us an email for bookings of Chambre Separée and bigger dinnerparties.