Xich Lo is a nostalgic symbol in the street scene of Vietnam, which means rikshaw, and is pronounced Sik-lo.

Xich Lo is a Vietnamese restaurant. We make dishes with flavors from the Vietnamese kitchen, ingredients from Norway and influences from the French gourmet scene for plating.

Since the opening in 2001 we have perfected the springrolls, the duck breast with ginger sauce have become a classic and beef in tamarind sauce is a dish you absolutely must try.

In 2013, we opened the street food department in Mathallen, (Atelier Asian Tapas), and we served sharing dishes with great success. Gratinated scallops and venison in tamarind sauce to name a few.

We also brought Pho, Vietnamese beef noodle soup, to the food scene in Mathallen. It’s for a good reason that this dish made it to CNN’s list of the best dishes in the world. I don’t think we’re too bold when saying this dish is unreservedly a Vietnamese favorite dish, that happens to be very suitable for the Norwegian climate.

This department now known as Foodbar reopens in Xich Lo Eger, with its own wine bar as well.

Xich Lo currently has 88 seats in the restaurant, and 42 seats in the Foodbar. We also have 2 Chamber Separée for seatings up to 16 and 20 sittings. At Xich Lo you get perhaps the best lunch and snack bar in Oslo, where you enjoy asian snack food and a good selection of wine and sake by the glass.